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Crash on startup

4:35 am, March 21, 2018 Hey there - sorry for the trouble! There are a few things you can check to see if you can any other programs running that may be conflicting with the game. This is a recent occurrence that we're [..] View

Hardest of the three campaigns to speed run?

4:35 pm, March 14, 2018 
 Honestly,I might be the wrong person to reply since I only speedrunned Specter of TormentBut,Shovel of Hope is a campaign with pretty easy controls and normal difficulty levels;P [..] View

impossible achievement question

4:35 pm, March 13, 2018 u have to reload ur game Easy "Impossible!" Achievement or Trophy GuideIf you die, pause game play and select the "Return to map screen" option to reset your ***** counter and [..] View

How Are the Keyboard Controls?

4:35 am, March 10, 2018 As with most platformers, this game works perfectly fine playing on a keyboard. The button layout for controls is customizable in-game so you can map the to what you find most comfortable.Somethi [..] View

King knight

4:35 am, March 8, 2018 If you buy the Treasure Trove version, you get all the existing campaigns. You will also receive the final campaign and the 4 Player Battle Mode for free when they come out. If you just buy Shove [..] View

Sooo, how approximately long before King of Cards release?

4:35 am, March 8, 2018 I've been wondering the same. I'm patient, not complaining about having to wait. I know we're getting something good, but I would have expected a release month to be announced by now. Or a news u [..] View

8Bitdo Controller Usable with Shovel Knight?

4:35 am, February 28, 2018 
 The game does support the 8bitdo. My steps should get the controller connected via usb cable. To enable the controller, hold down Power and the X button until the LEDs on the con [..] View

Not enough disk space error

4:35 am, February 12, 2018 
 Not enough disk space error 
 I recently bought this game. When I tried to install it Steam says I have 0 MB and trying to continue past that trigger [..] View

Is this game worth it?

4:35 am, February 8, 2018 Congratulations :PBe sure to tell us what you think. Both shovel and plague knight might have a little bit of a learning curve. After you get used to them though, they feel great and unique. Pro [..] View

Buy this on Steam or Switch?

4:35 pm, February 7, 2018 I'm not sure you are going to see a difference between 720p, 1080p, or 4K for this game.Framerate is 60FPS, don't know if it's locked. I would google that one.I have this on my PC and on my 3DS, [..] View

Lich Lord Specter Knight armour

4:35 am, January 28, 2018 Nintendo created and owns the Amiibo brand.Amiibo only work for Nintendo Consoles (3DS, Wii-U and Switch).Everything Amiibo related is exclusive to Nintendo versions of the game.Funny enough Shov [..] View

Almost finished it ! Tips for Speedruns ?

4:35 am, January 26, 2018 As the title says, I have ALMOST finished Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. My 2 only remaining achievements are the Shovel Knight and Specter Knight speedruns. So my question is, do you have any tips [..] View

What happens when you finish "Shovel of Hope"?

4:35 am, January 16, 2018 On pre-3.0 builds, beating Shovel Knight would unlock Plague Knight's campaign. However, since 3.0 and above, all campaigns are available from the start of a new save file. As for new things afte [..] View

Can't jump when turning from left to right

4:35 am, January 16, 2018 
 Can't jump when turning from left to right 
 I've seen multiple people complain about this since long ago, why hasn't this been fixed? It's a bug, be [..] View

Xbox controller Y to use sub weapon?

4:35 am, January 15, 2018 Supposedly the up+x thing is because that's how you used subweapons in the NES castlevania games, which this is a homage to (and fossils like me are more comfortable with it :P). The NES controll [..] View

Framerate issues/slowdown

4:35 pm, January 12, 2018 
 Framerate issues/slowdown 
 So I decided to pick this game back up again and finish plague knight and I notice some nasty slow down. Booted up Fraps [..] View

[HELP] Shovel Knight will start, but won't display on my monitor.

4:35 am, January 11, 2018 
 [HELP] Shovel Knight will start, but won't display on my monitor. 
 When I first opened the game I immediately went to tweak the settings. I clicked [..] View

So Hyped!

4:35 am, January 8, 2018 Now that it's 2018, we're getting super close to King Knight! The grand finale for SK:TT. Are you excited or what? I'll probably play the new content first, then replay the other three in chronolog [..] View

Where do i go to fight the battletoads?

4:35 am, January 7, 2018 1: you have to find the "suspisious map" in the hall of champions.2: **** the boss, to get it to summon **** all the other ghosts (you will know when you cleared a room if its lights ar [..] View

Why are people complaining about the price?

4:35 pm, January 4, 2018 
 It's comparatively pricey when compared to other independent games (look, for example, at Hollow Knight or even Cuphead, both of which appear to have higher production values), p [..] View

Control problems [RESOLVED]

4:35 am, January 3, 2018 I'm having problems with controlling my "knight" on Linux. For example, I have to jump regularly to keep my knight from slowing down to a crawl. Plague Knight is especially difficult to c [..] View

If you hate the price, look at their actual plans

4:35 am, December 28, 2017 Almost every argument I've seen about the price is either built around "It's too old to cost this much" or "I don't want the extra content."To people making the first argument- [..] View

Do I still need gold for something after Decked Out achievement?

4:35 am, December 25, 2017 You need to farm up to 50k gold for a second achievement (Order of Hoarders), but you can wait to do that until after you clear the game (since you have to have 50k at once). When it comes time [..] View

Are there more NSF music files on Bandcamp now?

4:35 pm, December 24, 2017 I've tried contacting Jake Kaufman via Bandcamp a couple times and also previously asked on this forum a year or so ago about this but never got an there now NSF versions of the music for [..] View

Best Armor?

4:35 am, December 23, 2017 
 I think purple is awesome, since the extra relic use is so damn fun to mess with, and makes bosses so easy it's not even funny.Winning strategy: Spam phase locket and downward st [..] View

A whole 20% off

4:35 am, December 22, 2017 I'm sure that if they bothered to reply to the people thinking that $20, or even $25 dollars, is not super cheap for the insane ammount of content that you get, you'd be very welcome. Oh no I'm n [..] View

Big picture mode has recently started detecting multiple controllers

4:35 am, December 21, 2017 
 Big picture mode has recently started detecting multiple controllers 
 I have one xbox one controller that is wired to my mac that i have been using [..] View

[OSX] Game launch with Xbox One controller crashes the game and sometimes system

4:35 am, December 20, 2017 Steps to reproduce:1) Open steam in Big Picture Mode2) Connect xbox one controller to macbook pro3) Launch gameExpected behaviour:Game is launched, no visible errorsActual behaviour:Game is launche [..] View

plague knight bomb jumping

4:35 am, December 19, 2017 
 plague knight bomb jumping 
 the controls just feel broken with plague knight. i just cannot do another bomb jump after the first one. ive seen peopl [..] View


4:35 am, December 9, 2017 
 is ridiculous and abusive, an old game of these, even being extraordinary and one of the best in pixel ever invented [..] View

Why does Shovel Knight market itself as a full and complete edition even though it's not?

4:35 pm, December 5, 2017 
 Why does Shovel Knight market itself as a full and complete edition even though it's not? Because as it's shown in the store page, it's missing the King Knight's campaign and Battle mod [..] View

Guys, should I buy PC or 3DS?

4:35 am, November 22, 2017 I personally wouldn't get it on 3DS if only because it is a much lower resolution and you're stuck on those tiny 3DS screens. Otherwise the 3DS is great for platformers and it's nice to have it p [..] View


4:35 pm, November 20, 2017 More 5-7 hours per campaign. However, there's New Game + for each of them (usually not that different, except for the Specter Knight new game + which has some really neat elements to it) and a sp [..] View

I have the non-steam PC version, and it won't update to include spectre campaign. Help?

4:35 pm, November 19, 2017 
 I have the non-steam PC version, and it won't update to include spectre campaign. Help? Wasn't sure where to post this... oh well.I bought the game as a physical disk which came with a [..] View

Any Dedicated Discord Channels?

4:35 pm, November 17, 2017 Just curious and if anyone knows of any i'd love to be provided some info on them.general activityamount of peopleis it a safe communityand any other notes you'd like to addif there really isn't an [..] View

Need help with a mechanic for a 2D platform game.

4:35 pm, November 16, 2017 
 Need help with a mechanic for a 2D platform game. Hi, we are a couple of game student that studying the game design course on Uppsala University in Gotland, Sweden. We are currently wor [..] View

What Next?

4:35 pm, November 5, 2017 Once the final DLC is out for all platforms, and they're patched to satisfaction, Yacht Club Games is done with this game. They won't be immediately working on a sequel, rather a new game. I'm sort [..] View

I can't use LB & RB to switch between relics

4:35 am, November 2, 2017 Hello everyone,Since I messed around in the control options, I can't use LR and RB to switch between relics, since there are no options to bind those. Even when I used the "restore by default& [..] View

So, I bought this game for the first time a few days ago.

4:35 pm, October 26, 2017 
 So, I bought this game for the first time a few days ago. Wow. It's a three year old game which I've seen Let's Plays of and the like already, but I'm still left just saying "Wow.& [..] View

Shovel Knight King Of Cards how to acesess

4:35 pm, October 21, 2017 and locked behind toys or VR or some other nonense.(oh but its free!!! kinda.....)It will be just like Plague and Spectre Knight's campaigns, where it gets patched in via a free update. Only the [..] View

Battletoads update is out!

4:35 pm, October 21, 2017 Let me guess not on 3DS and DSU versions that get nothing besides not being able to back up saves and content locked behind overpriced hard to find toys???Good job butchering one of the only good [..] View

Doing a child friendly let's play of shovel knight

4:35 pm, October 20, 2017 I cuss a lot in real life. A LOT. So, cussing will happen. A lot. But I will edit it out. And there's gonna be a curse counter, so that should be good for a laugh or two I guess.In this part I stru [..] View

Anyone got saves with all 3 storys completed?

4:35 pm, October 17, 2017 
 Anyone got saves with all 3 storys completed? 
 HI! so apparerntly my shovel knight save didnt save over the cloud, and now i have to start all over [..] View

least favorite boss and why?

4:35 am, October 15, 2017 
 least favorite boss and why? 
 For me,here are my least favorites with whoever i'm playing asShovel knight:Plaugue,teleports every five seconds and b [..] View

Hi, may I ask if you are interested in adding Chinese language option in your game ?

4:35 pm, October 13, 2017 
 Hi, may I ask if you are interested in adding Chinese language option in your game ? Hi, may I ask if you are interested in adding Chinese language option in your game ?Could you pleas [..] View

About Chinese Localization

4:35 am, October 11, 2017 Well I personally love this game very much and since the King of Cards is coming and the game is moving to its complete form,I was thinking that an official Chinese localization could bring more pe [..] View

Locked at 30fps when playing on my tv

4:35 am, October 10, 2017 For some reason the game plays at 30fps when I play it on my Samsung tv through hdmiOther games don't do this I can run gta 5 and other games max The game plays 60fps on my computer monitor but whe [..] View

How accurate it the Turbo Tunnel?

4:35 am, October 9, 2017 If I remember correctly, the first-run boss tunnel layout is unique to SK. However, If you re-challenge afterwards, then it plays a track similar to the original NES layout.Shovel Knight's 16:9 g [..] View

Replayable Battletoads encounter

4:35 am, October 7, 2017 
 Replayable Battletoads encounter 
 Hey YCG, I wondered if it would be possible to make the whole Battletoads boss sequence replayable?Don't get me wr [..] View

Pause game at the Battletoads camp

4:35 am, October 6, 2017 check it outThanks YCG!PSs: - even bigger thanks for the turbo tunnel 200cr-course, and actually making it more managable than original (though I would have loved a warp into the Polar Knights stag [..] View

King Knight's Campaign

4:35 pm, October 5, 2017 correction, spectre knight hid it, (its the same locket that spectre knight WAS going to use to restore his life, AS we see it turn blue when it revives reize)plaque knight stole it, traded the p [..] View

Question for "Hurry Up" achievement.

4:35 am, October 2, 2017 
 Question for "Hurry Up" achievement. I've decided to try completing Hurry Up (beat the game in 1 1/2 hours) seeing as I was able to get through the campaign quickly when it fi [..] View

Does this game play well with a keyboard?

4:35 pm, September 28, 2017 
 just a warning, if your keyboard has problems reading more then 3 key inputs at once, it might make stuff like plague knight and specters knight story hard, as you ussualy need t [..] View

About retail version.

4:35 am, September 24, 2017 Originally posted by TeknoSquirrel | Tip of the Hats:I bought the retail edition for PC as a gift, it says it has a Steam key via Humble Bundle.Will this give the recipient the Treasure Trove edi [..] View

Plague Knight: Problem with Ward Robe?

4:35 am, September 21, 2017 
 Plague Knight's knockback is fuge and is probably the major gripe of most players. That being said, the Ward Robe does negate some of it, yet, as pirate240 stated, not all of it. [..] View

Windows Store and Xbxo One version are seperate, NO CROSSBUY

4:35 pm, September 18, 2017 You're on a Steam forum for this game. Not that many people here care for consoles or the W10 store as a whole. To the developer's credit they never announced it would be crossbuy, just a versi [..] View

I'm gonna purchase Shovel Knight for my birthday. Anything i need to know?

4:35 pm, September 12, 2017 If you purchase Shovel Knight Treassure Trove, it will include everything gameplay-wise that has been released so far (mainly: campaigns of Shovel Knight, Plague Knight and Spectre Knight), and [..] View

Problem with Checkpointless feat

4:35 pm, September 9, 2017 Hey guys, i got a problem with a feat in Shovel of Hope.As you probably can see, I've almost perfect'd the game. I only have to unlock the Checkpointless achievement. The problem is, i have cleared [..] View

I'm seeing some people complain about the price

4:35 am, September 6, 2017 Now, this is fine. You have a right to complain. However, calling a company greedy for making their 50+ hour game half the cost of AAA games makes me kind of confused. Is it because you can't affor [..] View

Imput glitch ? (Keyboard)

4:35 pm, September 5, 2017 I've encountered one really annoying glitch, that involves moving to left side of the screen and trying to jump up. Game doesn't register the imput, and leaves me falling into another *****.Here's [..] View

So when is the shield knight campaign coming?

4:35 am, September 5, 2017 This hereby confirms that if the removal of canon genders (and furthermore the strong female message they gave) from the original Shovel Knight was no indication, YCG is undoubtedly sexist. (Joke [..] View

Playable Knights = Jungian Archetypes?

4:35 am, September 2, 2017 I read a book 'King Warrior Magician Lover' by Robert L Moore a while back that suggests the male mind is made up of four archetypes, each of with a developed and undeveloped state of maturity. You [..] View

Shovel Knight for Brawlout!

4:35 am, August 24, 2017 Brawlout is this indie Smash-clone for PC, PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch that offers cross-platform multiplayer. And has both original characters as guess character like the main character fr [..] View

Battletoads are comming to all PC versions of the game!

4:35 pm, August 23, 2017 Interesting, though I never felt we got less because the idea of system exclusives is so common nowadays (whether we like it or not).Originally posted by Zeroxel:Who knows, maybe someday Kratos w [..] View

Any one else want a Bard campaign?

4:35 am, August 22, 2017 Originally posted by op89x[1]:Only if it's a rhythm game like Parappa the Rapper. Then again, something like Tadpole Treble could be fun, too. I would pay for something like that, but only if I [..] View

That One Item

4:35 pm, August 16, 2017 The relics, curios, arcana, whatever you want to call them collectively, all of them are pretty useful. But it seems like each campaign has that one item which I end up using almost exclusively exc [..] View

Xbox player here, how do I git gud?

4:35 am, August 16, 2017 
 Keep on practicing!- As DanGer said, utilize rod to get back gold bags (especially after a pit fall).- Also note that if you feel that you've lost too much gold, quit the level a [..] View

Shovel Knight runs without having to log into my computer

4:35 pm, August 13, 2017 
 Shovel Knight runs without having to log into my computer 
 If I put my computer (running macOS 10.12.6) to sleep while the game is still running, w [..] View

Specter of Torment first?

4:35 pm, August 7, 2017 I didn't know Shovel Knight Treasure Trove was 3 games in one. I thought they just called it that to distinguish the original for the other 2.Anyway, this is my first time getting a Shovel Knight g [..] View

Help! Before I buy Treasure Trove

4:35 am, August 5, 2017 Yes, there are 3, soon to be 4, very fun and replayable platformers to be enjoyed here (plague of shadows has mostly identical levels to Shovel of Hope, but is still very different), along with a [..] View

To those that say Specter Knight's controls feels weird

4:35 pm, July 28, 2017 It's not weird, it's different from shovel knight's jump and pogo, its more a charge and bounce, and plague knight is more a leap and float.To me Specter is the smoothest most compelling one to p [..] View

100% achievements

4:35 pm, July 28, 2017 I've got 100% on it too. It took me 4 runs of the game on each of the characters to get them all (normal game, new game+, speedrun, and finally all the special challenges like no items).You could [..] View

Campaign order of three knights question

4:35 am, July 24, 2017 What is the order of the three campaigns timeline-wise and what order to play would you recommend?Personally, I started with Specter Knight and I love it.I think Specter Knight's campaign timeline- [..] View


4:35 pm, July 23, 2017 
 Sorry this is off topic if your a mod and off topic is against the rules and i didnt notice im sorry if so please dont ban me [..] View

would you recommend it?

4:35 am, July 21, 2017 Originally posted by Kamil87210:im fan of platformers and i heard its very good, but would you recommend it for younger player who will dont get any nostalgia from it? I'm a player who SHOULD get [..] View

personajes invitados

4:35 am, July 21, 2017 
 personajes invitados 
 saludos a todos, he completado el juego al 100% y los DLC tambien, sin embargo, no he sido capaz de encontrar ningun indicio [..] View

how hard this game is?

4:35 pm, July 20, 2017 If the game is too difficult, there are plenty of codes to change that around in the guide here on Steam. The ones I use myself are URPULDVW-Infinite Magic Power for Every Playable character(Note [..] View

Not sure where to put this(Possible missed Body Swap Word)

4:35 pm, July 20, 2017 
 Not sure where to put this(Possible missed Body Swap Word) 
 Music No.32, Mole Knight's music, refers to them as a fine fellow, even when swapped to [..] View

Feats not unlocking at all

4:35 am, July 19, 2017 Hello there shovelers, i'm having this issue where feats won't unlock at all. For example, even the most basic feats like My first purchase which is to buy any item in town i believe or Hooper whic [..] View

Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya crash

4:35 pm, July 17, 2017 После заставки разработчиков закрываеться ,но работают обе версии из локальной папки.Переустановка не пом [..] View

Specter Knight Campaign

4:35 pm, July 16, 2017 
 Yeah I'd agree it's better, but it comes down to the fact that Specter is more like completely different game (boss moves, level design, soundtrack) whereas Plague is more like a [..] View

Why do people hate body swap mode?

4:35 am, July 12, 2017 
 Why do people hate body swap mode? 
 There's literally no problem with it, unless you dislike the basic IDEA of having genderbent characters.I like t [..] View

Shovel Knight 64 a strong canidate, possible after new IP

4:35 am, July 8, 2017 I really do not like the look of the older games like this. The last one I guess looks okay. But it is still looking like someone really bad at 3D programming to me.Also, I am not sure Shovel Kni [..] View

Do I need a controller to git gud?

4:35 pm, July 6, 2017 You should use the input device you're most comfortable with. The majority of people are more proficient at using gamepads since that's typically what they've been using to play games.You don't & [..] View

Is new game + still possible for a no ***** run or does it factor the previous game's deaths?

4:35 am, July 6, 2017 I don't think so.For every campaign, there is an NPC in the first village that tells you your playing stats (times dies, total treasure collected, time spent in stages ...).You can ask them, just [..] View

What's the problem with Body Swap mode?

4:35 am, July 5, 2017 The whole Topic goes deeper, as you might imagine. As example, let's say Dotnod would implement Bodyswap in Life is Strange or Crystal Dynamics do that in Tomb Raider? Gamer want consistency in t [..] View

Rip off game price, the devs should be ashamed for being so GREEDY!

4:35 am, July 4, 2017 Originally posted by Kobra[1]:NO ABSOLUTELY NOT If I don't like something I can come here and VOICE MY OPINIONTrolls like you need to learn what forums are for. I didn't say you're not allowed to [..] View

Audio error causing game to be unplayable?

4:35 pm, July 2, 2017 I'm getting an error " ycAssert! src\ycSoundManager.cpp: 580if(!(result == FMOD_OK)): ycSoundManager::Init() error Soundcard does not support the minimum features needed for this soundsystem ( [..] View

Should i get this?

4:35 am, July 2, 2017 Many people make this game out to be something really special, I disagree a bit though.I have played base game + Plague of Shadows.The main game lasted 3 hours for me, while I had no interest in [..] View

Can I beat the game ?

4:35 am, June 30, 2017 War Horn is pretty garbage. Not worth it for the bosses.All of the bosses have pretty recognizable patterns, other than Plague Knight, so it may be beneficial to resign yourself to learning thei [..] View

Plague Knight vs. Angler Fish

4:35 am, June 29, 2017 
 Plague Knight vs. Angler Fish 
 What potion should I use? I have all of the fuses, the normal powder, the pink powder that combines three explosions, [..] View

Suggestion for pinned post

4:35 pm, June 28, 2017 I honestly don't know whether or not this is a good idea, but I figured I would make a post suggesting it and then leave it up to the devs to decide whether or not this would be helpful.It seems la [..] View

People are actually calling Yacht Club a bad company because of their sale price...

4:35 pm, June 27, 2017 Originally posted by op89x[1]:I never said anyone couldn't do anything; how about you actually read properly before putting actions onto my person. I just voiced my opinion about their opinion; d [..] View

I was gonna get this game but I read there isn't any plans to add online co-op? Is this true?

4:35 pm, June 27, 2017 Are you insane? Frequently multi-million AAA international studios can't get their netcode right for multiplayer (for honor being the most recent example) and you imagine its just like local co-o [..] View

Anyone know if you can buy the game on offer without the DLC

4:35 am, June 26, 2017 But no setbacks would have stopped then from keeping the base game as a separate package.On steam thats a package change. Devs can(and other titles do it all the time) change packages and previou [..] View

Disgusting Greed to hell with this hipster company

4:35 am, June 25, 2017 It includes 3 campaigns, and will eventually get a 4-player battle mode and another campaign. If you want to play it, buy it, and refund it (has to be within 2 weeks of purchase and have less tha [..] View

Cheat Codes + Lack of Completion Bonus

4:35 pm, June 24, 2017 Shovel of Hope, Challenge Mode, and doing every Feat doesn't have any 100% completion bonuses, which is a bummer to me. However, every single "reward" you could possibly come up with alre [..] View

Specter of Torment: Checkpointless Help

4:35 pm, June 24, 2017 
 Specter of Torment: Checkpointless Help 
 I have been beaten by this final feat. I swore I went through and destroyed every checkpoint multiple times [..] View


4:35 am, June 24, 2017 Okay, well I'm not "so many people." I'm me. If people were complaining about the game being ten dollars, then they are even stingier than I am. I would happily pay $10-15 for a game li [..] View

Stuck on Inhuman Resources

4:35 pm, June 23, 2017 
 Stuck on Inhuman Resources 
 From what Ive gathered, you need to talk to every NPC in the hub, including Scarlet.However, I only today found out that [..] View

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